The #1 Online Golf Fitness & Performance Platform Just Went to the Next Level with the GOLFWOD APP


Create a phenomenal mindset in the gym and on the course

Work with uniquely qualified professionals within our worldwide community

Match your body to a new athletic and efficient swing

Hit longer drives and improve your golf swing

Increase on course performance

GOLFWOD Exclusive Forum

Global Online Golf Fitness Community with comments, forum and more for players to discuss workouts, benefits and help each other to change the game

Extensive Library of Drills & Workouts

Full movement library and exclusive video coaching. Personalized in-app coaching also available for Fitness, Swing & Nutrition

1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 coaching from with access to discounted membership-only 1-on-1 lessons, including analysis, and prescriptive drills

Training Series

Exclusive Content from PGA Tour Players, Collegiate Athletes, Influencers and more with APP only access!

Swing Locker

Film, save and categorize your golf swing videos after filming with your smartphone and send them into GOLFWOD for review





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